Why Choose A Small Company For Your Pool Install?

When placing a pool in your valued private paradise, you must trust your builder to take care to do it right.

Attention to detail during installation is extremely important. There are no inspections of pool construction.  We at Osterhus Outdoors are proud of our craftsmanship and confident in our handiwork.  We believe it comes from carefully selecting competent builders, focusing on what customers want, and from keeping our business small.  

Ken Osterhus (center-right), owner,  with Eric Osterhus (center-left), Chad (left), and William (right): all craftsmen.

What are the advantages of going with a small company?

At Osterhus Outdoors, we believe there are advantages to our company being small. First, and perhaps foremost, the one person with whom you discuss pool construction processes is the head of the company. He is not only the owner and sales representative, but also manages the construction crew of 5 young men.  Ken Osterhus is a landscape architect at heart, an artist whose media are the elements.  He knows the work from top to bottom. He will be in your yard working alongside the crew on a daily basis, overseeing the process, addressing concerns and answering questions you may have. Cyndi, communications manager, is home in the office, answering phone calls and email messages to assist with expediting the process of getting a pool where and how you want it. 

In addition to a direct line to the head builder, you have a consistent crew of knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work.  The one who sets the standard and aim of the company, hand picks his employees. Ken works with his son and four other trusted employees trained to build pools with attention to the details of the process.

We posed the question on Facebook, here is a response we got:

Buying a pool is a bit of a commitment. 

We work with the expectation that the pool you buy, we will permanently situate in your backyard.  So, we want the building experience to be enjoyable and the end-result to be a livable space that you love.   We hold our work as art, and, like many artists, are choosy about who puts their hands into it.  Thus we think it best to craft our projects one pool at a time, with workers we trust.

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We are a family owned and operated small business specializing in customized pools built with quality and care.

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